Information of Minister of State Kapil Patil to adopt five thousand TB patients of Thane district

Information of Minister of State Kapil Patil to adopt five thousand TB patients of Thane district

Mumbai: Union Minister of State for Panchayat Raj Kapil Patil is going to adopt 5000 TB patients of Thane district. Minister Kapil Patil himself has given this information. On the occasion of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday, the concept of TB-free India called upon every MP to adopt six TB patients. Responding to this appeal, Minister Patil said that five thousand patients would be adopted.

Kapil Patil has taken this information from the doctor working in the health department of the constituency. Minister Patil told that the doctor told me that there are 5000 TB patients in Kalyan West, Bhiwandi, Rural Badlapur area, I have adopted all these patients for six months.

We will give kits to these patients every month for the next six months. The cost of one month is 600 rupees, with our kit and government medicine, the patient will get rid of TB. Bhiwandi Lok Sabha has taken a pledge to make TB free. Kapil Patil said that he believes that it will be successful, wherever the situation is, moreover, those who have the capacity should take the initiative to make India TB free by adopting such patients.

Meanwhile, it is being said that the workers are angry over Kapil Patil not getting the post of the guardian minister of the district. After Shambhuraj Desai was made the guardian minister, BJP councilors in Dombivli expressed their displeasure on Facebook and posted a post demanding the post of guardian minister to the MLAs of the district. Talking about this, Kapil Patil said, ‘I do not want to say anything about this, but some workers may have demanded it as before, but now we are in power together, the decision of the post of guardian minister is senior. The level has been jointly taken by BJP and Shiv Sena. So it is not appropriate for me to comment on that.

Criticism of Congress
Speaking on the occasion, Kapil criticized the India Jodi Yatra of the Congress. “Whoever wanted to be president announced the date, role of filling the form for the post of president and also took a different step to avoid resigning from the post of chief minister. Congress is no longer in control. We see different names. Challenging the Congress, Kapil Patil said that the question of joining India or joining the Congress is in front of him.


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