How to move on from an extramarital affair

Extra Marital Affair मधून कसं पडाल बाहेर?

extramarital affairs: Marriage is a sacred relationship, whether you are doing love marriage or arranged marriage, it is the responsibility of both husband and wife to maintain that relationship till the end. If a third person enters between the two, then the spark of argument starts burning between the two. So if you have an extramarital affair with someone, then it is very important to get out of the relationship on time. It is not proper for a man or woman to have sexual intercourse with anyone else after marriage. It is seen as an extra marital affair. ,extramarital affairs,

extramarital affairs how do you get out?
– When a woman or a man makes a mental or physical relationship with someone other than their spouse, it is called extra affair.

After realizing the mistake, admitting it is a very courageous act. Admitting a mistake can put your marriage back on track. Know how to get out of extra marital affair.

Tell your partner everything about the affair. Explain to your partner the circumstances under which you made this extreme decision.

Do not keep contact with the person with whom you are having extra marital affair.

Don’t get angry by blaming yourself when you realize your mistakes. Apologize to your partner and try to make things right again.

Do not stop talking to the person with whom you are having extra marital affair. End the relationship by mutual consent.

It is better to consult your psychiatrist once than to face any major problem.


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