How to control the symptoms of depression in winter season

How to control the symptoms of depression in winter season

Cases of depression increased in winter: pink after diwali winter to start. According to psychiatrists, in winter (winter) depression The number of patients of depression is increasing, apart from this, suicides are also more in winter. Did you know this? Psychiatrists say that the amount of stress hormones in our body increases in winter, due to which the number of patients of depression increases in winter. What is the real reason, read here.

Why do depression patients increase in winter?

When Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Senior Psychiatrist, Max Hospital, was asked the reason behind the increase in the number of patients of depression in winter, he said that the reason for the increase in depression in winter is directly related to the weather. The primary cause of depression is the lack of sunlight in winter, which affects the secretion of serotonin hormone in the brain. It is the mood-enhancing hormone, also known as the happy hormone. This hormone also acts as a neurotransmitter for the brain and directly affects mood. Decreased levels of this hormone negatively affect mental health and exacerbate depression. It is also called seasonal affective disorder.

Another reason behind this is that cold is like stress for our body. The body tries to keep itself warm to reduce the effect of cold. This requires the body to consume large amounts of carbohydrates, and when the body consumes large amounts of carbohydrates, the secretion of cortisol increases. Cortisol is a negative hormone, it increases depression. Because of this, when the level of cortisol inside the body starts increasing during the winter season, then a large number of people become unhappy, go into depression.

symptoms of depression

  • Feeling depressed, not understanding anything and not interested in doing anything.
  • You don’t even want to do what you love.
  • Constant tiredness, boredom.
  • Very sleepy, want to sleep all the time.
  • Frequent hunger and weight gain.
  • Lack of concentration in any task.
  • Lack of confidence and feeling guilty for every mistake.
  • The will to live decreases and suicidal thoughts start coming in the mind.

What to do to avoid depression?

  • Try to spend as much time in the sun as possible.
  • Set a bedtime and a wake-up time.
  • Meditate to avoid negative thoughts.
  • Go to a yoga class or dance class.
  • Pay attention to your hobbies.
  • Go for a walk in an open place at least once a week.
  • Stay away from anything that brings negative thoughts.
  • If necessary, go to a psychiatrist. Because in these situations, medication or treatment is often needed to balance hormonal secretions.

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