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5G in India : आजपासून इंटरनेटचा वेग वाढणार, असा असेल 5G स्पीड

5G Internet Service: The much-awaited 5G internet service in India is starting from today (October 1). Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch 5G service at a program organized at Pragati Maidan in the capital New Delhi. At the same time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also inaugurate the sixth edition of the Indian Mobile Congress (IMC). The central concept of the event, which runs from October 1 to October 4, is the New Digital Universe.

Due to this internet is flourishing in India too. Companies like Reliance Jio, Airtel and Vodafone-Idea are in competition. Now it has to be seen which company is starting 5G internet.

What is 5G Network?

5G internet service means fifth generation. It is known as the fifth generation of cellular mobile communication. 5G network will be faster than 2G, 3G, 4G network. 5G network will provide internet speed at least 10 times faster than 4G.

This will happen 5G sim card

Currently there are 2G to 4G SIM cards available in the market. According to some companies, 5G internet service can be used only in 4G SIM card. You can upgrade your 4G SIM card to 5G. With this, customers will not have to change the SIM card after upgrading from 4G to 5G service. Customers can directly convert their 4G connection to 5G by informing their telecom operators.

5G mobile required for 5G internet

For 5G internet you must have 5G mobile. It was said that 5G services can be run in 4G smartphones. But 5G service will work only in 5G smartphone and for this you will have to buy a new 5G smartphone. For example, a 4G SIM can be installed in a 2G phone, but only 2G service is available. Also if you try to use Jio sim card in 2G or 3G phone then it does not work.

This is because Airtel, Vodafone Idea SIM cards have 2G and 3G services along with 4G. Whereas Jio has only 4G network available. Therefore, Jio SIM card is not supported in 2G or 3G phones. So you will not be able to use 5G network in 4G smartphone, in 4G smartphone you will get only 4G network speed. That’s why 5G internet requires a 5G smartphone.

How will 5G speed be?

With 5G internet you can download movies in seconds. Telecom companies have done tests on 5G speed. In which 5G has experienced good speed. Airtel achieved speeds of up to 3000 Mbps in the 5G test. While the VI (Vodafone-Idea) reached speeds of up to 3.7Gbps. So Jio has got speed up to 1000 Mbps in the test of 5G network.

What will be the cost of 5G?

Reliance Jio and Airtel can offer 5G internet services at the cost of 4G. 5G internet service can be up to 20 percent more expensive than 4G. That is why it is being said that all the telecom companies have invested heavily in the 5G spectrum auction. Now it has to be seen what will be the prices of 5G in India.


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