Have you completed your Ferrari after 2005? The company asked people to return all models

ferrari brake issue

Ferrari is a well-known name for car enthusiasts. Why not after all? This company is known for manufacturing high speed cars. But now Ferrari has requested the return of all its cars made after 2005. It is being said that during this time the problem of brake failure has been seen in Ferrari cars. For this reason, the company has appealed to the people to return the car to avoid the accident. Once the brakes are checked, they will be reassigned.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, brake problems have been found in many Ferraris in the US. Taking cognizance of this, the company has recalled these cars. For now, the company has decided to test only cars sold in the US. If any defect is found in all this, then the cars sold in other countries will also be investigated. According to a report, more than twenty four thousand units have been sold in the US alone since 2005. Out of this, 23 thousand 555 car owners have been requested to send their cars back.

brake failure
Absent car brake problem noticed The complaint is that brake fluid is leaking due to vacuum in the brake fluid reservoir cap. If fluid leaks and dries up, the chances of brake failure increase. Due to the total brake failure in Surat, from the car drivers to the people walking on the road, there will be trouble. This decision has been taken to avoid any major accident.

ferrari brake issue
Fugitive’s statement
After this news surfaced, Ferrari said that only one percent of the cars they have ordered have this problem. But he will check all the cars for safety. They will be returned after the technical issue is resolved. Let us tell you that this Italian car maker has now requested every Ferrari driver that if they see any problem in the brakes of the car, then immediately put it on the side of the road. Driving a car can prove to be life threatening.

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