Halo Infinite Campaign Co-op, Forge Mode Delayed To November; Season 3 set for March

Halo Infinite Roadmap Halo Infinite Roadmap

Halo Infinity’s campaign co-op content has been delayed. In a developer update, 343 Industries announced a delay in content on its latest Halo installment. The much-anticipated campaign cooperative was earlier targeting an August launch, but will now arrive on November 8. It will release in conjunction with the Forge open beta, which was initially scheduled to launch this month. In addition, the studio has delayed the content of Season 3 of Halo Infinity Multiplayer until March, while completely canceling the promised split-screen co-op feature.

Campaign co-op, a key component in previous Halo games, was not available with Halo Infinity at launch. 343 Industries promised an update at a later stage, while they focused on the multiplayer aspect and addressing other minor issues with the game. Campaign Co-op got a public beta testing program in July, but it didn’t include major matchmaking features. Players who have no paired friends will not be paired with Online Random, and are recommended To find someone.

The Winter Update also sees a drop in the long-awaited Forge Mode beta, which was previously delayed by six months – for a June release. The highly sought-after Forge mode will allow players to create and edit their own maps, weapons and equipment, and share them with community members. Details on the facilities are still scarce, but according to 343 employees Tahir HasanjekicForge Mode is “about to change the game forever.”

In addition to the above mods, the Halo Infinite Winter Update includes new multiplayer maps: Detachment and Argyll, along with a free 30-level battle pass, offering cosmetics and a range of XP boost items.

Halo Infinite Roadmap Halo Infinite Roadmap

hello infinite roadmap
photo credit: 343 Industries

March 7th marks the start of the Season 3 multiplayer event. Titled “Echoes Within,” the update brings new Arena and Big Team Battle (12v12) maps, along with the M392 Bandit shotgun, and a 100-tier battle pass – the latter will be paid; No pricing details yet. Halo Infinite Season 3 also introduces the Shroud Screen, a new device that acts as a stable dome-shaped shield, acting as protection for your squad. What’s new here is that the shield is completely opaque when viewed from the outside, urging enemies to be more strategic in their approach.

As for the iconic split-screen co-op, it will no longer be able to make its way onto Halo Infinity. Back in July, 343 Industries released a one-hour preview video showcasing the campaign co-op mode and mission replay system.

Halo Infinity is now available on Xbox Series S/X, Xbox One, and Windows PC via Steam and PC Game Pass.


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