Google is rolling out a major update to the Camera app on Wear OS; Android app gets updated too: Report

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Google has reportedly started rolling out updates for its camera apps on both Android and Wear OS. The Google Camera app for Pixel devices gets minor updates, but the Wear OS app, which basically acts like a remote control for Pixel owners, gets some major updates and a complete redesign from the previous version. The Camera app on Wear OS is due for an update for a while now. Google is also expected to launch its new Pixel Watch, which will run the latest Wear OS, in the coming months.

The Google Camera app is now supported in versions 8.6 and a . has been updated as report good By 9to5Google, the update is available for download through the Google Play Store. The app brings a complete redesign keeping in mind the new Material U guidelines and looks fresh and new compared to the previous version (8.1), which stuck to the old Android Wear-era design.

There’s now a hamburger icon at the top inside a pill-shaped button, which when tapped expands to reveal the Flip Camera and Timer options. The shutter button is now moved to the bottom while the zoom control is on the right as a slider. Reportedly, the interface is still buggy, but the live preview appears blurry compared to the previous version when using the app as a remote.

While the Google Camera app on Wear OS has received a design overhaul, the search giant has also rolled out an update to its Android app available on Pixel smartphones. According to another report 9to5googleThe user interface has minor adjustments, with additional modes grouped in bubbles in the Modes tab of the camera interface.

A major update is the availability of speech enhancement mode for the rear camera while recording videos. This mode was previously only available on the front-facing cameras of the Pixel 6, 6 Pro, and 6A smartphones and works to filter out ambient noise (wind, traffic, and congestion) while recording selfie videos at 1080p at 30 fps.

While it’s good to see Google updating the camera app on Wear OS, all eyes are on the upcoming Pixel Watch, which the company introduced at the recent Google I/O alongside the Pixel 6a smartphone. When launched, it is expected to run on the Wear OS platform and come with Fitbit integration for tracking physical activities. It will have a circular display with curved glass protection and a stainless steel case. The smartwatch will also support Google Assistant, Google Maps and Google Wallet. It can also be used as a remote for compatible smart home devices.


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