French court seals imam’s ‘deportation’ after ‘hate speech’ against Jews

French court seals imam's 'deportation' after 'hate speech' against Jews


Imam to be expelled from the country for ‘inciting hatred, discrimination and violence’
Violent violence against Jews is a serious allegation
Equisan, 58, was born in France, but has Moroccan nationality

Paris, France’s highest administrative court ruled on Tuesday that the French-born Moroccan imam would be deported from the country on charges of “hate speech”. According to a report in Reuters, the high court overturned a decision by a Paris court that quashed the government’s evacuation order.

In its hearing, the high court upheld the government’s charges of “hatred, discrimination and incitement to violence” and opened legal avenues for the imam to be deported to Morocco. Interior Minister Gerald Dormanin said on Twitter that the government would deport Imam from France, calling it a “big victory for the republic”. The Supreme Court for Administrative Justice de Conseil d’état found during the hearing that his deportation to Morocco would not interfere with his right to lead a normal private and family life. Equisan, 58, was born in France, but has Moroccan nationality. expelled-french-born-imam-country-to-hate-speech% 2F

Let us tell you that in July, the French Interior Ministry issued an expulsion order against Imam Hassan Equson for inciting violence against the Jewish community. President Emmanuel Macron’s government has tightened laws to combat extremism within Muslim communities. As a result of this law, it has been decided to exile the Imam from the country.

Action order on 76 mosques
The French government is currently taking serious steps to stop the growing Islamic fundamentalism in the country. In this connection, the Home Minister has also ordered action against 76 mosques in the country, which the government suspects of promoting separatism and extremism.

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