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Posted Sep 30, 2022, 5:37 PM

Who would have imagined on this day in March 2020 when the Head of State encouraged us to stay at home, first that we would stay there for so long, then that two and a half years later we would still be counting the waves ? Besides, we don’t really count them even if, it seems, we would approach the eighth. In the meantime, the fourth dose is behind us, the previous five-year term too, and here we are after Agnès Buzyn, Olivier Véran and the ephemeral Brigitte Bourguignon getting to know the fourth occupant of the avenue de Ségur appointed in July.

There are, moreover, multiple opportunities to meet him: hospital malaise, medical deserts, Covid, angry students, new vaccines, budget… Emmanuel Macron did well to choose an emergency physician. Just for this Monday, October 3, François Braun’s diary is loaded. A new vaccination campaign is launched with a new product adapted to the Omicron variant.

It is also on this day that the starting signal will be given to give substance to the health component of the National Council for Refoundation (CNR). To deceive the expectation the day of his appointment to the ministry François Braun had spent his morning building a Volkswagen combi in Lego. Today, it is the health system that must be rebuilt. A subject that the Braun family knows well.

The minister’s father, grandfather and even great-grandfather were doctors. He himself had briefly seen himself as a veterinarian before joining the emergency battalions: earthquake in Iran, war in Bosnia, Charlie Hebdo attack. But its base camp from the start has been in its eastern region, the University Hospitals of Nancy, Verdun and then Metz. When the Covid blazes in the Grand Est, he was on the front line. It is still there.

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