FBI reveals Trump mixed top secret files with magazines and newspapers

FBI reveals Trump mixed top secret files with magazines and newspapers


FBI submits 32-page affidavit
14 out of 15 boxes seized from Donald Trump’s Florida residence
Many top secret documents were mixed with newspapers, magazines and private papers.

Washington. According to an FBI affidavit released Friday, 14 of the 15 boxes seized from the Florida residence of former President Donald Trump contained confidential documents. Many of which were top secret documents as well as numerous newspapers, magazines and private papers. The FBI affidavit states that the government is conducting a criminal investigation into the illegal concealment or deletion of government records, as well as the removal and storage of confidential information in unauthorized locations.

According to an AP report, the 32-page FBI affidavit provides the largest-ever details of government documents seized from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Florida home when he left the White House. Previously created public documents show federal officials are investigating possible violations of several federal laws. Which governs the collection, dissemination and distribution of defense information under the Espionage Act. Other laws deal with hiding, destroying or deleting federal records and destroying and altering records.

Trump left the White House with 15 boxes, 14 of which were confidential files

Despite clear evidence to the contrary, Donald Trump has long insisted that he cooperated fully with government officials. He termed the search of his residence as a politically motivated incident. So that his chances of contesting the presidential election again can be eliminated. By doing so they are trying to rally the Republican Party behind them. He repeated this on his social media site. Donald Trump said he and his representatives had a close working relationship with the FBI and that “a lot has been given to them.”

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