Fact Check: There is a risk of heart attack if you do not brush your teeth, know the details

दात घासले नाहीत तर हार्ट अटॅकचा धोका? दात न घासणं जिवावर बेतू शकतं?

Arun Mehtre, Zee Media Pune: Does a tiger ever brush its teeth? Saying this many people avoid brushing their teeth at least twice a day. But now not brushing your teeth can kill you. Because it is claimed that not brushing teeth can cause heart attack due to bacteria. Let us first see what is actually being claimed

Heart attack if you don’t brush your teeth?
– Cleaning of teeth increases the risk of bacterial infection in the blood
– Heart risk due to bacterial infection in teeth
– These bacteria constrict the blood vessels near the heart
Blood clots are formed due to the narrowing of blood vessels

Let’s see what our verification reveals, according to Dr.

What is Viral Truth?

Dental hygiene is somehow linked to heart health.

– but it won’t cause a heart attack

Teeth are directly related to stomach disorders as well as digestion.

Therefore, the teeth should be taken care of properly. Not taking care of your teeth can be fatal for you.


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