Delhi announces new EV action plan, aims to install one public charging point for 15 EVs by 2024

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The Delhi government has updated its agenda for electric vehicles by announcing that it will install at least one public charging point for every 15 EVs by 2024. These charging points will be accessible within a 3 km journey from anywhere in Delhi. The government has released its new three-year ‘action plan’ for electric vehicles until 2025, as it celebrates two years of the EV policy, which was first launched in 2020. These plans are in line with the Delhi government’s aim to make the capital of the country one. Among the most ‘light EV’-friendly cities in the world.

Accordingly New plan The Delhi government has announced under its ‘Charging/Swapping Infrastructure Action Plan for 2022-25’, the union territory will install around 18,000 public and semi-public EV charging points by 2024.

Currently, Delhi has around 2,452 charging points and 234 operational swapping stations. 594 charging points have been installed using single window mechanism, while 896 charging points are in process of installation.

The document also states that the government plans to target 25 percent of all new vehicle registrations EV policy By 2024. Rapid adoption of EVs in Delhi is expected to increase the number of charging points across the union territory.

According to a document shared by the government, battery swapping is considered a viable solution for electric two- and three-wheelers, allowing the consumer to purchase an EV without a battery, thereby significantly reducing the cost of the EV.

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