Daily Horoscope Horoscope This zodiac will get good news today on October 2

नवरात्रीच्या सातव्या दिवशी चमकेल या राशींचं भाग्य.. होईल फायदाच फायदा.. जाणून घ्या आजच राशिभविष्य

Horoscope October 2: Mumbai: Let us know how will be today, how will be the position of planets in the horoscope and what will be its effect on you. Know today’s horoscope. (Daily Horoscope Horoscope Future This zodiac will get good news today on 2nd October)


You will be very powerful. Your courage will lead to success. There is a good position in industry-business-job. Love status is good.


The situation will be favorable but there will be some tension in the family environment. The health of the mother has to be taken care of. The situation is good in love and business. Keep worshiping Lord Shiva.


Opponents will dominate. The stalled work will be completed. Keep worshiping Maa Jagadamba


Pay attention to children’s health. But don’t just take admission in a new training or a new place. Do not take any decision with an emotional mind. Health, love, business will continue.


Pay attention to speech, symptoms of diseases related to the mouth may appear. Don’t be uncontrollable. Health will be normal, take care of yourself.


Health will be good but there is a possibility of hormonal imbalance. There will be novelty in health, love situation. It is in good condition commercially. Donate a yellow item.


There may be pain in the eyes, headache. The mind will be restless due to extra expenditure. Your business will continue to do well. Keep worshiping Maa Kali.


You will overcome the risk but there is a possibility of trouble in the journey. There will be fear of humiliation. Health is good, love situation is good, business will also be good. Keep worshiping Ganesh ji.


Business conditions are good. Will have to struggle a bit. Pay attention to your father’s health. Avoid the court room. Health is normal. Love status is good. Business is also going well.


This is a dangerous time. Injury may occur. You may get into some trouble. From a business point of view it is doing well. Worship Maa Kali. Offer white things in the temple of Maa Kali. will be good.


Expected increase in income. You will get misleading news. There will be trouble in travel. Health is fine. Love status is good. Business will do well. Worship Kalabhairava.


Take care of your health and that of your partner. Looks impressed. Do not start any new work immediately. Don’t mess with the government machinery. Be completely optimistic about income. Income will be good. Offer water to the Sun God. Donate green things.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on general assumptions and information. ZEE24 Hours does not confirm the same.)


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