CPI-Maoists condemn the ban on Popular Front of India

CPI-Maoists condemn the ban on Popular Front of India

Maoists on ban on PFI: Associated with terrorists and indulging in anti-national activities On Popular Front of India (PFI) has been banned. The Maoists have opposed this ban. The Maoists say that such restrictions are a process to criminalize already persecuted Muslims. The Maoists have demanded the removal of this ban. The Maoists have criticized that the ban is an agenda of Hindutva politics.

The Central Committee of Maoists has issued a leaflet in the name of spokesperson Abhay. The Maoists said the NIA has arrested over 100 activists and detained 250 people in nationwide operations. The government has given three reasons while banning PFI. In this, violent programs are organized by the PFI and its affiliated organizations. The second reason is that peace is being disturbed in the country by PFI. The third reason given is that PFI is dangerous for the security of the country. The Maoists also said that all these reasons are to strangle the opponents of Brahmanical Hindu Fascism and there is no other compelling reason.

Using Muslims as Vote Bank

Maoists have also targeted political parties. All the parliamentary parties of the country have used the Muslim community as a vote bank. The Maoists have said that the political parties have neglected the political, social and economic development of the Muslim community. A cow vigilante on behalf of the government, the Anti Romeo Squad, helps with the hate speech. On the other hand, the property of Muslim people is being bulldozed as illegal. The Maoists have accused the BJP of increasing Islamophobia in the country after coming to power. He also said that Muslims are becoming poorer in the country.

action for electoral gains

The Maoists said that the PFI was banned for the benefit of the upcoming assembly and Lok Sabha elections in 2024. The Maoists said that the BJP is trying to polarize the PFI by banning it. The Maoists said the central government was using the political weapon of imposing sanctions to intimidate opposition organisations.

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