CIA Director’s big claim, Russia lost the war in Ukraine, it’s just a matter of time

CIA Director's big claim, Russia lost the war in Ukraine, it's just a matter of time


CIA chief William Burns said – Russia is fighting a lost war in Ukraine.
CIA chief said – there is still some time left for the decision to come.
A Russian official in the Kharkiv area admitted that Russian troops were on the back foot.

Washington. CIA Director William Burns says Vladimir Putin’s decision to attack Ukraine is completely wrong. The CIA chief said that Russia is fighting a lost war in Ukraine. Whose decision is only a matter of time. William Burns said that when Putin decided to attack in February, he underestimated Ukraine’s resolve.

According to a report in The Guardian, William Burns told a conference in Washington that Vladimir Putin’s decision not only exposed the weakness of the Russian military, but is going to cause long-term damage to the Russian economy and generations of Russians. Ukraine’s military has made significant progress in its first major offensive since spring. This has pushed back the Russian army from several settlements in the Kharkiv region.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in his nightly video address on Thursday that Ukrainian forces have occupied more than 1,000 square kilometers from the Russians since early September. Our heroes have already liberated dozens of these settlements. Balaklia, a city of Ukraine’s 27,000 residents, has been recaptured.

Ukraine claims Russia has missiles, hypersonic weapons too ‘limited stock’

Whereas on Friday, a Russian official in Kharkiv area admitted that Russian soldiers were on the backfoot. The perception of war has started in Russia too, it may have to face defeat. “We have already lost,” said a former Russian army officer and a right-wing Russian blogger who supported the government. Igor Girkin, a hardline nationalist, said in a video on Telegram on Monday that ‘we have lost Pele, the rest is just a matter of content’. The war in Ukraine will continue till the complete defeat of Russia.’ Girkin previously served as a colonel in the Russian Intelligence Service.

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