chanakya niti for brahmin women and greatest strength of king

Chanakya Niti: संकटात सगळे साथ सोडतात फक्त 'ही' गोष्ट देते साथ

Chanakya Niti: In Acharya Chanakya’s Chanakya Niti (Chanakya Niti), the relationship has been explained in detail. Chanakya Niti also mentions how a husband, wife, guru, king or other person should be in the society. In Chanakya’s policy, ‘Bahuviryabalam Rajno Brahmano Brahmavid Bali. Form-youth-melody Stryana Balamanuttam. In which the power of woman, brahmin and king is described. Let’s know about it.

What is the power of Brahma? (power of brahmin)
Acharya Chanakya has said in Chanakya Niti that the greatest power of a Brahmin is his knowledge. Brahmins are respected in the society because of their knowledge. The more knowledge a Brahmin has, the more respect he gets. Because in trouble everyone sleeps together, but knowledge never leaves him alone. Therefore knowledge is the greatest wealth for a Brahmin.

greatest strength of women
According to Chanakya, the beauty of a woman is her greatest strength. Men are quickly attracted to women with these two qualities. Beautiful and sweet-spoken women can attract anyone towards them. However, due to these two qualities, women get respect everywhere and the value of the family also increases.

King should have this quality
According to Chanakya, the greatest strength of a king is his power. The king has everyone from the minister to the commander. But if the king has no power, he cannot rule. A king must be powerful if he wants to rule the kingdom. (A king should have this quality)

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