America: CEO of Pfizer infected with corona virus, got mild symptoms

America: CEO of Pfizer infected with corona virus, got mild symptoms


Pfizer CEO Albert Borla infected with Corona
Borla went to isolation, said- very minor symptoms
Albert Borla expected to return to work soon

Washington. Top executives of Pfizer, a large company that makes a vaccine against the corona virus, have been infected with this virus. However, he said that he has very minor symptoms of infection. The company’s President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Albert Borla said on Monday that he is taking Pfizer’s drug Paxlovid and is in isolation. He has been given four doses of anti-covid vaccine. In a brief statement issued by the company, he said that he is confident that he will recover soon.

In the US, 128 million people have been given two doses of the Pfizer company’s vaccine, while about 61 million people have also been given a booster dose. Scientists say the vaccine still provides substantial protection against hospitalization and serious illness, but the vaccine’s effectiveness is no longer accurate due to changes in the virus’s forms.

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First Published: 15 August 2022, 23:37 IST


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