Amber Heard filed a petition against the court’s decision in the defamation case, questions raised on the judges

Amber Heard filed a petition against the court's decision in the defamation case, questions raised on the judges

Hollywood Actor Johnny Depp and actress Amber Heard have been in the news for the past few months. Amber accuses ex-husband Johnny of defamation and domestic violence. Johnny also filed a defamation suit against Amber. After a lengthy court hearing, the verdict went in Johnny’s favor and the court ordered Amber to pay Johnny $15 million in fines. Amber accepts the court’s decision and congratulates Johnny on his victory. But Amber has once again knocked in the court.

A month after losing a defamation suit against ex-husband Johnny Depp, Amber Heard has filed a petition in court. Amber calls to overturn the verdict and order a new trial. He also alleged that there was no evidence to support Johnny Depp’s claims and questioned the jury.

Amber challenges the verdict in the defamation case

According to Court House News, Amber Heard’s attorney has argued that Amber was unaware of the title of her 2018 article until Johnny Depp filed a defamation suit. He said, “Mr Johnny’s team had filed a defamation case without knowing the lie. He has dismissed responsibilities and misrepresented Mrs Amber’s statements.

Ember increased the amount of damage

The lawyer said, ÔÇťAmber Heard was unaware of the title of her 2018 article. When Mr. Depp filed suit against him, he found out about the title.” Amber has also said that the amount of damages in the petition is too high and has asked the court to reconsider it.

After winning Amber Heard, Johnny Depp performs with Jeff Beck, will now focus on his favorite work

Johnny Depp engaged after the court’s decision

Let us tell you, after the decision of the court, Johnny Depp has started his work. He is going to events. He recently performed with Jeff Beck. At the same time, Amber Heard was also seen hanging out with her friends. He was also seen shopping in the shopping mall with his sister.

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