After all, China and America are fighting over Taiwan!

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China has taken tough diplomatic steps on the visit of Nancy Polsi, the Speaker of the lower house of the US Parliament, to Taiwan. This has increased tensions between China and the US. This is the most extreme level of tension between the two countries over Taiwan. China considers Taiwan as its part, while America talks about its independence and democracy there. The question is why both the countries are fighting over Taiwan. Is Taiwan a country or not? What is the attitude of China and America regarding Taiwan and what is the reason for the confrontation between the two superpowers?

What is Taiwan?
The official name of Taiwan is the Republic of China. It is a group of islands located in East Asia at the junction of the Northwest Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea. It is located in the northwest of China, northeast of Japan, and south of the Philippines. There are a total of 168 islands in this group with a total area of ​​36193 square kilometers. In this, the main island is called Taiwan Island which is an island with an area of ​​35808 square kilometers.

Not in the list of countries of the United Nations
Taiwan is called a country, but it is not included in the list of countries of the United Nations. While it is a country with a population of 239 million, the majority of the population lives in cities and is said to be the world’s most densely populated region. In the northern part of the island of Taiwan, the city of Taipei is the main financial center here.

history of taiwan
Christians started sitting in it six thousand years ago. People from China started coming here from 8th to 10th century. Chinese and Japanese people settled here between the 13th and 17th centuries. The Dutch made Taiwan a trading center in the 17th century. In 1683, it was occupied by the rulers of the Qing dynasty and in 1895, it came under the control of Japan.

china, america, taiwan, china taiwan issues, china america tensions, sino american relations, nancy polosi,

China has long claimed Taiwan as its part, but it has never been a part of it. (Image credit: Shutterstock)

20th century to World War II
In 1911, the Republic of China abolished the Qing Empire and Taiwan became part of China. It was occupied by Japan in World War II. After Japan’s defeat at the hands of the Allies, when the Chinese Civil War broke out, Taiwan fell into the hands of the Chinese Communist Party, but in 1949, China withdrew from Taiwan. While Japan severed all ties with Taiwan in 1951, the Sino-Japanese treaty did not explicitly mention that Taiwan would be part of China.

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but independent of china
Actually, Taiwan is not a part of China. Taiwan has its own flag, government and army. Here the people elect their president in a direct democratic way. The official name of Taiwan is the Republic of China. In the Chinese Civil War in 1949, Chinese Communists defeated Chinese nationalists who moved to Taiwan where they established their government but did not declare themselves a separate country.

no country
By 1971, Taiwan was recognized as a country in the United Nations. But after 1971 it was not recognized as United Nations. It has also been claimed that it is part of China, but this claim has weakened since the democratic process started here in 1990. At the same time, many countries advocating democracy are talking about recognizing Taiwan as a country.

china, america, taiwan, china taiwan issues, china america tensions, sino american relations, nancy polosi,

Whenever there is tension in the relations between China and America, the issue of Taiwan also comes up. (Image credit: Shutterstock)

China’s claim
China claims that Taiwan is its territory. Most of the people there are of Chinese descent. China also opposes the recognition of Taiwan as a separate country in international forums and its relations with countries that recognize Taiwan and where Taiwan’s embassies operate, etc.

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America is also included in the countries that openly support Taiwan. But it seems that the issue of Taiwan escalates when Sino-US relations deteriorate for some reason. In addition, Taiwan is the world’s largest producer of semiconductor chips. It is believed that for this reason America does not want any kind of Chinese interference on Taiwan. At the same time, the government of Taiwan has its own claims that support the principle of one China, but it is not under current China or the People’s Republic of China.

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