A look at the beautiful house of this season of Bigg Boss english 4

A look at the beautiful house of this season of Bigg Boss Marathi 4

Big Boss english 4: The fourth season of the popular small screen show ‘Bigg Boss english’ (Bigg Boss english 4) will be available for the audience from today (October 2). Viewers will get to see many new explosions in this episode. Once again the grand Divya house of ‘Bigg Boss english 4’ is all set to entertain the audience by locking the contestants for 100 days. The audience recently got the first glimpse of this house. This year the audience will get many surprises in this house.

As always, this time also the house of ‘Bigg Boss english’ is going to be spectacular. The house has a gym, swimming pool, dining area, garden, kitchen and captain’s room with furnished beds for the contestants. But, this year something different will be seen in the house. This year this house is bathed in pink color.

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The traditional Tulsi Vrindavan is seen in front of you as soon as you enter the house of ‘Bigg Boss english 4’. There is a swimming pool and gym area next to it. Marathmola festival has been organized in the outer courtyard. Also, cutting tea cups have been used in the decoration. The yoga area is decorated with carroms and other sports equipment. While the living area has been given a pink theme. Also the flowers are beautifully decorated. So the peacock shaped ballet has also been decorated.

Kitchen equipped with modern amenities

The kitchen occupies an important place in this house. This time the kitchen has also been given a new look. Beautiful earthen pots are kept in this house. Not only this, he has decorated the kitchen by decorating pottery on the wall. The dishes of Marathmola are shown in it. Big modaks and fountains are visible on the wall. This has given a unique charm to this house.

This year the contestants and the audience will get a special surprise

In the house of ‘Bigg Boss english’, everything is the same except for the theme. However, a special surprise will also be seen with it. One thing that will be seen in this episode is that the balcony of this house was missing from the last three seasons. This year a balcony has also been given in the house. This balcony has been specially decorated. The theme of this House will be ‘Chal Culture’. From today Ghar and contestants are all set to entertain the audience for the next 100 days.

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