World War 3 Major Alert! Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan prompts China to test ‘killer’ missiles

Long-range missiles will be deployed to fight Japan and China

Taipei. China is preparing to test more of its ‘carrier killer’ missiles on the pretext of tension arising out of US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. A ‘war strategy expert’ gave this information. Harry Kaziannis said China’s DF21-D and DF-26D (Dong Fang or ‘East Wind’) anti-ship ballistic missiles could potentially cause “significant damage” to the US Navy, especially its aircraft carriers.

The Qazianis, familiar to US media, are said to be experts in national security issues, especially the modernization of China’s military. Kazianis, president of the ‘Rogue State Project’, recently warned that ‘China could be the cause of another attack on Pearl Harbor.’ He believes China’s rising power will cause tensions as it collides with a shrinking US and could lead to a third world war.

The Kazanians also feel that Taiwan will have to fight against China with the weapons used during World War II and that is why they have called on the nation to modernize its military. Kazianis told a British tabloid Express on 14 August that China has such a large number of Dongfeng missiles that the US Navy is “very unlikely” to destroy them all.

Speaking on Pelosi’s visit, Kazianis said, ‘I think we’re definitely going to see a continuation of a lot more missile tests.’ He then told about the DF21-D and DF-26D missiles for China. Many experts call these missiles ‘Carrier Killer Missile’ or ‘Navy Killer Missile’. “These missiles were made exclusively by the Chinese, so if there was a war on Taiwan and the US Navy had come within 500 miles (805 km) of China’s coast, they would be very likely to be used,” he added. Have to suffer.’

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