Woman used to abuse police on phone, officers lost patience after 12,000 calls, action taken

Woman used to abuse police on phone, officers lost patience after 12,000 calls, action taken


A Florida woman was arrested
Called and abused police officers more than 12000 times
Called the police 512 times last month, 24

Washington. A case of misbehavior with police officers by a woman has come to light in Florida. Actually, this woman 911 system Police officers were called more than 12,000 times because of the abuse. Officials said all the calls were threatening. After which the woman has been arrested on this charge. Petersburg Police Department and the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, the woman will threaten and humiliate anyone who answers her call. Carla Jefferson, 50, used to argue with the police. At the same time, police officials said that the share of women calls in the call traffic received in the department is 10 percent.

Last month, Jefferson called the police 512 times in a 24-hour period. According to Fox News, the police called the call obscene and threatening in their affidavit before the court. Police spokeswoman Yolanda Fernandez said, “This woman used to call police officers only to harass, abuse and humiliate.” The people of the area could not be contacted due to repeated calls from the woman. So it had become a serious spice now.

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The woman kept on calling even after getting the notice
According to the New York Post, police sent Jefferson a notice in June. In which he was warned that if he did not stop calling again and again, he would be arrested. But the woman did not stop calling even after getting the notice. Because of which he was arrested this week. Later he too was released. Let us tell you that this woman has already served a jail sentence in the case of hooliganism.

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