With Nancy Pelosi, we’re still adamant about China

With Nancy Pelosi, we're still adamant about China


US Senate President Nancy Pelosi meets with Taiwan’s President
Nancy Pelosi said America will keep its promise 43 years ago
Pelosi says US will always support Taiwan on security issues

New Delhi. Amid heavy security, US Senate President Nancy Pelosi has finally completed her trip to Taiwan and left for a proposed trip to South Korea. After his visit, tremendous tension has arisen between China and America. China considers Taiwan as its own and does not allow representatives of any country to go there. But US Speaker Nancy Pelosi has completed a successful visit to Taiwan, defying the Chinese threat. During his visit, he formally met with Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen and expressed his commitment to supporting Taiwan. He said that we are proud of our friendship with Taiwan.

Americans still stand with Taiwan
Nancy Pelosi arrived in Taiwan late Tuesday night. He was accompanied by a highly placed US delegation. On Wednesday, he addressed the parliament of Taiwan. Nancy also met with President Tsai Ing Wen. Pelosi directly challenged China’s operatives and said that the US is keeping its promise to stand with Taiwan 43 years ago. He said the US will always support Taiwan on security issues. Pelosi said, we are together every moment. We are proud of Taiwan’s friendship.

China made a strategy to encircle Taiwan
When Pelosi arrived, China became furious and imposed several sanctions on Taiwan. Not only this, the Chinese army showed its strength by flying 21 military aircraft in the southwestern part of Taiwan. China has announced several sanctions for the economic blockade of Taiwan. The Chinese government has banned the supply of natural sand to Taiwan. This can cause a lot of damage to Taiwan. After the Corona epidemic, Taiwan earns a lot from sand. In such a situation, stopping the export of sand will cause economic loss to Taiwan. On July 1, China banned imports from more than 100 food suppliers from Taiwan. Not only this, China has made its military strategy to surround Taiwan from all sides. He said he would conduct military exercises at sea around Taiwan.

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