WhatsApp working on in-app surveys, ability to send texts to yourself from linked devices: report

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WhatsApp is working on a new app survey chat feature that the Meta-owned platform plans to use to get feedback on new features, products and more. WhatsApp will send users a request for secure chat when asking for feedback. According to the report, users will have an option to decline such requests from WhatsApp. Additionally, another new feature is said to be in testing that will enable users to send messages from linked devices.

According to a Report Through WhatsApp feature tracker WABetaInfo, WhatsApp can work on secure app survey chats. Users are expected to be able to decline invitations to survey chats and block WhatsApp from sending future surveys. WhatsApp will keep user feedback in this survey private.

The report claims that WhatsApp will only use the survey chat for feedback purposes. There is no information available as to when this feature will be available to users. However, it is expected to be released to a very limited number of users initially.

In related news, WhatsApp might as well working While allowing users to send messages to themselves between linked devices. This feature is expected to be available in future updates. This is believed to be an upgrade to the multi-device support that was released earlier this year.

Currently, WhatsApp only displays chats with the user’s number on the primary device. It is not supported when using multiple devices. According to the feature tracker, users searching for contacts on WhatsApp for desktop beta will be able to find their names at the top of the list. Also, this chat may appear when trying to log in from a new smartphone. The feature is also expected to be made available on WhatsApp for Android and iOS soon. It is said to be under development and may be made available at a later date.

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