VIDEO: What kind of cruelty comes with a horse? The animal fainted from the heat, the owner lashed out

 VIDEO: What kind of cruelty comes with a horse?  The animal fainted from the heat, the owner lashed out

New Delhi: America is in the grip of severe heat. Humans are bad animals. Meanwhile, a shocking video has surfaced from Manhattan, New York. Here a rider’s carriage fell near the intersection of W 45th St and 9th Ave in Hell’s Kitchen. After receiving information about the incident, the 911 Mounted Unit of the New York Police Department reached the spot.

On reaching the spot, the police told that when they got information about the fall of the horse of the cart, immediately a team reached the spot. There the cavalry mounted the horse and poured water on it to cool it. “We take the health and well-being of carriage horses very seriously,” the NYPD said.

The video of this incident is going viral on social media. In the video, two police officers are seen pouring water on the animal with a hose to cool it. The NYPD said the horse was in distress and was lying in the middle of the road. He was breathing heavily.

In another video, it can be seen that when water is poured on the horse, he tries to stand on his feet while staggering for some time. When he stands properly, hundreds of people around him cheer him up by clapping. According to a report, the police have taken the horse under their supervision.

According to reports, the horse is fully conscious and has been taken to the veterinary department for treatment and care.

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Some onlookers present on the road where the incident took place say that when the horse was unable to walk and was bending down repeatedly, its driver gave him several whips to make him run. But he was so upset with the heat that the horse put his head on the ground and then the driver separated him from the cart.

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