VIDEO: Priyanka Chopra surprises Nick Jonas, loves fans, says ‘supportive wife’

VIDEO: Priyanka Chopra surprises Nick Jonas, loves fans, says 'supportive wife'

Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas is a popular couple in the entertainment world. Although the actress lives outside India, her fans continue to follow her. Photos and videos of Nick-Priyanka are dominated on social media. A new video is going viral on the internet in which Priyanka has surprised Nick.

Nick Jonas went to Vegas for a concert. Priyanka Chopra planned a surprise for him. A video of this has been shared by Nick on his Instagram story, which shows how Priyanka gave him a cute surprise in the hotel room. With this surprise, Nick once again fell in love with Priyanka.

Priyanka said- ‘I wish I was there’
A glimpse of a hotel room is seen in the video shared by Nick Jonas. Which is decorated with balloons and champagne. Along with this, Priyanka has written a message on the white board with her hand that ‘Vegas Residency Baby Crush It, I wish I was there, Love Pre’. Nick’s voice can be heard in this video, ‘So powerful, so powerful, thanks babe’.

Fans are praising Priyanka Chopra
This video has been shared by a fan page of Priyanka Chopra on Instagram. Priyanka-Nick’s fans are giving their feedback and praising this video. One wrote, ‘Hey dear, supportive wife. I wish she could both go to the concert in love.’ Another wrote, ‘Awesome, very sweet’. The third wrote ‘This is very cute. Is she still shooting for the film? Or Wah stayed for Malti?’. Another fan commented that ‘oh I hope she can go tomorrow next weekend. We need his pictures, it’s been a long time’.

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was shooting the Citadel
These days Priyanka Chopra is shooting for her web series ‘Citadel’. She keeps on giving constant updates from the sets. She surprised the fans by sharing her injured look made of makeup during the shoot on Instagram. Nick gifts her a new customized car with Mrs. Jonas written on it so that she can roam the sets. Priyanka shared a picture of herself with the car and called Nick her best husband.

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