Video: Kim Jong Un said army doctors cry, watch the dictator’s ’emotional torture’

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New Delhi: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is referred to as an image of a leader who thinks like a dictator and enforces strict laws on citizens. Kim Jong Un is often known for threatening the world, but a few days ago he said some such things to his people, which made people angry. This video of Kim Jong Un (Kim Jong Un’s emotional speech) is now going viral on social media.

In fact, during an event, Kim Jong Un praised the work of military medical personnel in the fight against Corona and thanked them for serving the country in difficult circumstances. Hearing Kim’s words, tears welled up from the eyes of the military medical personnel present there.

During his speech, Kim Jong Un said that when the emergency was imposed in the country, the health workers of the People’s Army took the lead. This was a major achievement for the country in fighting the pandemic, raising the confidence of the people concerned about the fever and bringing an end to the epidemic.

After this, what Kim Jong Un said brought tears to the eyes of almost all the doctors and nurses present there. Kim said that I am really sorry that you have been posted on defense duty. Where your sacrifice was threatened, but your health and safety are more important to me than your life. I can’t lose

Hearing the praise of their leader, everyone present there became emotional. According to Reuters, Kim Jong Un organized a celebration for the good work of medical workers during the Corona crisis at the House of Culture in Pyongyang City on Thursday. During this, thousands of medical personnel of the Korean Army sent to the ‘Emergency Anti-Epidemic Front’ were honored.

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