US to set up new center to protect civilians from casualties in attacks

US to set up new center to protect civilians from casualties in attacks

Washington: The Pentagon will set up a new center next year that aims to prevent civilian casualties during military operations in various countries around the world before attacks begin through better training and greater surveillance. The plan, released on Thursday at the behest of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, comes after widespread criticism of the US airstrike in Kabul last August. The attack, which took place during the final phase of the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, killed 10 civilians.

A senior defense official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said development and other improvements to the new Civil Defense Center would cost “several million dollars” per year and would involve about 150 personnel. The development of the center will start from 1 October 2023 and will be fully operational by 2025.

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The Afghanistan drone attack was criticized mainly because final decision-makers based on intelligence suggestions were too quick to conclude that the bomb was in a white Toyota Corolla, which turned out to be the wrong vehicle.

Under the plan, personnel from all military services, other senior commands, Special Operations Command, Cyber ​​Command and Defense Intelligence Agency, along with US Northern Command, will be deployed in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Indo-Pacific, South America and Colorado. Will go will be kept

In particular, human rights organizations have consistently criticized that civilians have been killed in US military strikes in Syria, Iraq and other war zones, but officials have failed to acknowledge them and have been slow to act against them. In some cases, it was concluded that allegations of civilian casualties could not be substantiated due to the inability of US forces to arrive at the scene immediately after the attack.

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