US scientists succeed in restoring function of cells and organs in dead pigs

US scientists succeed in restoring function of cells and organs in dead pigs


Big breakthrough in organ transplantation
American scientists did a successful experiment
Helps protect human organs during surgery

Washington. A new ray of hope for organ transplant patients. American scientists have succeeded in developing a technology that is able to restore the function of cells and organs in pigs after they die. According to a research report published in the ‘Journal Nature’, under this technique, researchers injected a special substance, which was designed to protect the cells, into the organs and tissues of some pigs an hour after death. It was successful in restoring blood flow and other cellular functions in the pig’s body.

Researchers at the Yale School of Medicine said the technology would not only help ensure the safety of human organs during surgery, but would also increase the number of organs available for transplant. David Andrjevic, a member of the research team, said, ‘Not all cells die immediately. Death is a process in which we can intervene, stop cells from dying and restore certain functions.’

‘Organx’, a modified version of ‘BrainX’ succeeds

The research builds on an earlier project led by the Yale School of Medicine, in which a technique called ‘BrainX’ made it possible to restore blood flow and some cellular activity in a dead pig’s brain. In a new study, researchers succeeded in restoring the function of various organs in pigs by using ‘OrganX’, a modified version of ‘BrainX’.

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