US rejects Ukraine’s demand to list Russia as ‘state sponsor of terrorism’

US rejects Ukraine's demand to list Russia as 'state sponsor of terrorism'


America will not blacklist Russia as a terrorist country
US lists four countries as terrorist countries
Ukraine said that we continue to pursue our demand

Washington. US President Joe Biden on Tuesday rejected Ukraine’s demand to list Russia as a “state sponsor of terrorism”. According to the AP, when President Biden was asked by a reporter if he would blacklist Russia as a terrorist state, he replied in the negative. At the same time, in response to a question, White House Press Secretary Carine Jean-Pierre also said that holding Russia accountable, placing it in the category of terrorism is not the strongest effective solution.

He said blacklisting Russia would hinder aid delivery to parts of war-torn Ukraine. At the same time, there may be a crisis on the agreement between the United Nations and Turkey regarding the port of Ukraine. According to the press secretary, it would also undermine America’s unprecedented multilateral coalition and could undermine America’s ability to support Ukraine.

Ukraine’s demand
After a series of attacks on a shopping mall in Kremenchuk in June, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky demanded that the West list Russia as a ‘state sponsor of terrorism’. At least 18 people died in the attack on the shopping mall. After the US rejected this demand, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said that he would continue to raise his demand every time. However, he also thanked Ukraine for the help given so far.

America has included four countries in the list
The four countries that the United States has listed as terrorist countries are much smaller than Russia. Iran, Syria, North Korea and Cuba are included in this list. In such a situation, putting a huge country like Russia in this list can be very heavy for America. Russia is also a permanent member of the United Nations.

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