US Capitol Attack: Accused of attacking US Parliament sentenced to 7 years, linked to militia group

US Capitol Attack: Accused of attacking US Parliament sentenced to 7 years, linked to militia group


Republican Party Supporters Attack Parliament After Defeat
Trump accused of not taking timely action

Washington, A man accused of attacking the US Capitol has been sentenced to 7 years in prison after the results of the presidential election. The accused was associated with the Three Percent Militia. Which was involved in the attacks on the country’s parliament in support of former President Donald Trump. The court found Refit of Texas guilty of five felony charges. The charges mainly involved bringing a gun to Capitol grounds and obstructing an official proceeding.

According to Reuters news agency, Rifit, accused of attacking the US parliament, was sentenced to 7 years in prison for being linked to a militia group. This is the biggest punishment ever for a rioting charge. US District Judge Dabney Frederick sentenced the accused to seven years and three months in prison. Evidence has been found that the accused is also associated with the Three Percentile Militia terrorist group. Earlier, two accused involved in the capital riots were sentenced to 63 months. However, instead of facing trial, he himself admitted the charges.

Won 12 out of 13 cases related to riots
Lawyers appointed by the central government have so far won 12 out of 13 cases related to the capital riots. In fact, on January 6, 2021, his supporters tried to attack the country’s parliament, but the results did not come in favor of Trump. It was described as the deadliest attack on democracy in American history. Where people entered the Parliament premises with guns.

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The court did not treat the incident as domestic terrorism
The court refused to invoke the provisions of domestic terrorism on the accused despite the request of the police. Police officers and lawyers believed Refit had committed acts of terrorism. For which he also presented some evidence.

Shauni Kerkhof, a former Capitol police officer, told the court why the accused tried to harm members of Congress. However, Judge Dabney Frederick dismissed the police’s claims.

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