Two-faced fish, surprise! Two-faced fish caught in fishermen’s net, watch video

 Two-faced fish, surprise!  Two-faced fish caught in fishermen's net, watch video

Washington: A video of a strange carp fish is being shared a lot on social media. Twitter users are saying after seeing this video that a fish has two mouths and two eyes. At the same time, many are saying that it is the result of radiation from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster during the Soviet Union. Because all the fish in the lake near Chernobyl were dead. Scientists can’t say with certainty from the video what pollution caused or how the fish’s condition occurred. Scientists say that a test will have to be done to know this. (Two-faced fish caught in fishermen’s net, watch video)

Despite the fact that carp fish have two faces, they look completely healthy and developed. In such a situation, experts are of the opinion that pollution is not the reason behind this happening. Because if pollution was the cause, the fish would have died already. Dr. Timothy Musso, a biologist at the University of South Carolina in the US, says, ‘Most radiation-induced mutations are growth inhibition. It also reduces the ability to survive and reproduce.

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What do scientists say?

Professor Musso says that this type of mutation does not last long. They are mostly slower and less capable and in this case such creatures are likely to be killed by animals or humans. Professor Musso has also studied Chernobyl. He said that the exact information about what went wrong in the fish can be known only through experiments. In that too, not only one fish, but hundreds of thousands of fish will have to be used. Therefore nothing can be said to be concrete without experimentation.

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What users said on social media

After watching the video it seems that the fish has two mouth and four eyes. However, some scientists and social media users say that this fish has a mouth and a wound in the other. This wound appears to be caused by improper treatment. Similarly, some say that what is considered to be the eyes of a fish is the nose of a fish. In Asian carp, the nose is built on top of their mouth. However, despite this, people were seen speculating on social media.
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