Top Gun: Maverick reaches $1.403 billion at box office, 12th biggest film of all time

Top Gun: Maverick Box Office Rises to $1.403 Billion, Now 12th Biggest Movie of All Time

Top Gun: Maverick became the 12th highest-grossing film of all time after a $14.55 million (approximately Rs 120 crore) weekend at the worldwide box office, raising its global total to $1,403 billion (approximately Rs 11,200 crore). Is.

It currently sits between Frozen II ($1.45 billion, around Rs 11,600 crore) and Avengers: Age of Ultron ($1.402 billion, around Rs 11,200 crore).

Of its total $1.403 billion (approximately Rs 11,200 crore), Top Gun: Maverick has collected over $683.3 million (approximately Rs 5,500 crore) in the US and Canada, with the remaining $720 million (approximately Rs 5,750 crore) coming from . rest of the world.

And that is without playing in China or Russia, which are the two major movie markets.

Outside the US and Canada, the top-grossing regions for Top Gun: Maverick include the United Kingdom ($95 million, approx Rs 750 crore), Japan ($82 million, approx Rs 650 crore), Korea ($62 million, approx Rs. Huh. , 500 crores), Australia ($60 million, around Rs 500 crore), and France ($52.8 million, around Rs 420 crore).

Rogue The sequel to the 1986 super-hit film Top Gun, which starred Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis and Val Kilmer, was one of the blockbuster hits of that year.

Top Gun: Maverick has also surpassed Titanic as Paramount Studios’ most popular film in the US, although its worldwide gross of $2.2 billion (about Rs 17,600 crore) is a far cry for the cruise-starrer .

Still, thanks to great word of mouth and repeat customers, Maverick continues to defy the odds. And there is a chance that the film will continue to soar high on the box office charts.

Ticket sales for Top Gun: Maverick are likely to continue as the film doesn’t have a ton of competition on the horizon internationally.

It will be pretty bleak at the US box office until November, when Black Panther: Wakanda Forever opens in theaters.


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