Those found close to the world’s tallest tree will be fined 4 lakhs

Those found close to the world's tallest tree will be fined 4 lakhs


California’s Redwood National Park issued a statement
6 months jail and 4 lakh fine for cutting trees
Forest fires are also a concern for this tree.

Washington. Tourists coming to see the world’s tallest tree, Hyperion, have now been officially banned. A Coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) tree growing to 115.92 m (380 ft) tall. Its name is derived from the Greek myth of the Hyperion Titans. This tallest tree in the world has also been certified by Guinness World Records. This tree was discovered in California, USA.

California’s Redwood National Park (Redwood National Park) issued a statement last week. Anyone caught near the tree could face up to six months in prison and a fine of up to $5,000, the statement said. Because this tree has faced severe environmental degradation since 2006.

A fire broke out in the KNP complex in 2021

Human visitors are not the only threats to these giant trees, the increasing number of wildfires in California’s national parks are also a concern. When the KNP complex caught fire in 2021, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park (KNP) officials took concrete steps to save some of the world’s largest trees from the fire. The world’s largest tree was wrapped in an ‘aluminum based fire resistant material’ similar to tinfoil to keep it safe.

Rescue of injured pedestrians very challenging

Natural resources chief Lionel Arg├╝ello told news site San Francisco Gate that there was another issue besides tree loss that led to the ban. Actually, the mess was spreading more and more. People did not use the bathroom properly and left behind toilet paper and human waste. He said there is limited cellphone and GPS service in the area. Which means it can be very challenging to rescue injured pedestrians from any potholes in the area.

Destruction due to growing popularity
A statement from the National Park website said that the popularity of this place is increasing due to the websites of bloggers and travel writers. Due to which the atmosphere around Hyperion has been destroyed. As a visitor you must decide whether you want to be a part of the preservation of this unique landscape or you want to be the cause of its destruction.

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