The woman who became famous for selling gas bottles is now paying tribute to Queen Elizabeth through her business

The woman who became famous for selling gas bottles is now paying tribute to Queen Elizabeth through her business

Some time ago, an American woman created panic on social media with her strange business. Stephanie Matteo, the mother of American reality show ’90 Day Fiancée’ has hit the headlines for doing odd jobs that are more than she appears on TV. Actually, Stephanie used to sell gas in a jar to unknown people a few years ago. In this way he left this job but once again he again came into the limelight.

According to the report of the Daily Star News website, Stephanie (Stephanie Matteo paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth) through her business decided to pay Britain’s Queen Elizabeth (Tribute to Queen Elizabeth by selling farts). Stephanie, 31, had a heart attack due to excessive farting (the woman sold the foot to the British to pay tribute to Elizabeth), after which the doctor asked her to change her diet. To increase business, she used to eat such food which made more gas. He suffered a heart attack and had to quit his job. Then he started bottling his breasts and selling them to unknown people on adult content site Unfiltered.

sell food prepared by the queen to the priests
You will be surprised to know that she earns more than 37 lakh rupees in just 1 week from such strange business. Let us now tell about the tribute paid to the queen. Stephanie was wrong to say goodbye to the fart selling business, but she was also deeply saddened when Elizabeth died on September 8. During that time a person from Britain contacted him and asked him to buy footwear. The man determined that Stephanie should eat the same food that the queen ate and Stephanie would sell the man’s foot. Since Stephanie herself was saddened by the death of the Queen, she decided to sell the fart again as a tribute.

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One and a half lakh rupees as tribute to the gas seller Maharani
He researched on the Internet what the Queen used to eat. Then they ate things like scones, venison, biscuits and baked beans throughout the day. After that, he packed the gas he had prepared in his glass jar and sent it to that person in Britain and in return collected more than one and a half lakh rupees from him. Speaking to the NeedTono website, Stephanie said that Rani’s gas would smell great because she smelled gas after eating the food she had eaten. She said that she wanted to pay tribute to the Queen, so she accepted the man’s demand.

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