The famous actress expressed her pain by sharing pictures of her injuries accusing her partner of assault.

Judith Chamla, French Actress Judith Chamla, Domestic Abuse

Famous French actress Judith Chemla has surprised everyone through a post on her social networking site Instagram account. He has shared his one year old pictures which everyone sees in Haran and Harat Hai. Actually, many bruises are visible on her face in the pictures shared by Judith. With these pictures, Judith has revealed that she was a victim of domestic abuse a year ago.

In her post, without naming her ex-husband, she said that her daughter’s father used to abuse her. In the pictures shared by Judith Chemla, her eyes are seen to be swollen and bruises are clearly visible on her face as well. Judith Chemla wrote this post in French, she says, ‘A year ago I had a bruise on my face, I had blue and purple spots under my eyes.’

Judith Chamla, French Actress Judith Chamla, Domestic Abuse

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He’s aurna, ‘A year ago was never going to come.’ In the post, Judith Chemla also claimed that she has filed more than one complaint against the perpetrator and asked, ‘Should I go back to the police for the third time? Should I file third complaint in a year? My daughter’s father, who can do all this work and how does he leave the child?’

According to media reports, last year Judith Chemla had said that she would not attend the world premiere of her film ‘Mes freres et moi’ in Cannes. Actually, there was an incident where the director of the film Yohan Manka allegedly threw a cell phone at Judith Chemla during that time. According to a source close to Chemla, the allegations were leveled against actor Manka, with whom she has a daughter. judith kemala A cell phone was thrown at K’s face. A source close to Manka and Chemla told Variety that the two were getting into an argument and Manka turned violent.

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