Sweden and Finland will get NATO membership! US Parliament will vote today

95 votes in US parliament in favor of Sweden and Finland's NATO membership proposal, which Biden demanded


NATO currently has 30 members.
Ukraine also expressed its desire to join NATO
America wants to send a strong message of transatlantic unity to Russia by involving both countries

Washington, Concerned about their security amid the Ukraine-Russia war, Sweden and Finland are set to vote on NATO membership in the US parliament on Wednesday. Earlier, US Senator Jim Rish, ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (SFRC), had advocated an early vote for Finland and Sweden to join NATO. Supporting both membership in the Senate, he said the US has an opportunity to expand NATO and join both Finland and Sweden. He said that both the countries have strong and capable armies and both have been contributing to NATO since then.

According to SFRC member Jim Risk, joining the two countries in NATO will give the US an opportunity to show its leadership. He said this moment is an important opportunity for the US to demonstrate its leadership in NATO and its commitment to its modernization, and more importantly, it will also determine the future of NATO.

All countries will be stamped
NATO member states were to modify the protocol according to their national requirements and procedures. The ratification process in all countries may be different from other countries. For example, the United States required a two-thirds majority in its Senate for ratification. Whereas in the United Kingdom, a formal parliamentary vote is not required.

Russia’s threat
Russia has already threatened Sweden and Finland with joining NATO. Russia has said that after joining NATO it will be obliged to deploy its nuclear weapons in the Baltic region. Putin has already said that Russia will take necessary military measures if NATO forces are deployed in both countries.

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