Russo-Ukraine war: US aid to Ukraine again, will give new weapons worth $ 550 million

Russo-Ukraine war: US aid to Ukraine again, will give new weapons worth $ 550 million


US aid to Ukraine again
America will give new weapons worth $ 550 million
The weapons also include the advanced rocket system HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System).

Washington. The US announced on Monday that it would give arms to Ukraine to fight Russia. The US has been providing military aid to Ukraine since the beginning to strengthen the Ukrainian military. Now America will give him ammunition for rocket launchers and artillery guns.

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told reporters that the new $550 million package would include more ammunition for the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS). In support of previous weapons, counter-artillery radars, Javelin anti-tank missiles, Soviet-made helicopters, shells and armored vehicles were provided from Washington to Kyiv.

America owes more than $200 million in aid taxes
Since the start of the Russian attack on Ukraine in February, the US has provided Ukraine with more than $200 million in aid. In fact, in May, the US Congress approved $40 billion in financial and security aid to Ukraine. The US and its allies have previously said they would provide more rocket systems, ammunition and other military aid to Ukraine after Russia’s missile strikes in the Donbass.

A historic deal to lift the naval blockade
Kirby also praised the first shipment of Ukrainian grain that was set to leave the port of Odessa on Monday. He said it was the first time since the start of the war that a historic agreement was reached between the United Nations and Turkey to lift Moscow’s naval blockade in the Black Sea. Kirby told reporters that ‘we obviously welcome this important step and we look forward to traveling to more world markets in the coming days with agricultural products such as cereals, wheat, sunflower oil and corn. The ship will leave.

Russo-Ukraine War: First ship carrying grain leaves Ukraine’s Odessa port

Grain export is closed for five months
Grain exports to war-torn Ukraine, one of the world’s largest grain exporters, were banned for five months. Due to which the poorest countries of the world especially faced starvation and the prices of food grains increased sharply.

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