Russo-Ukraine war: 1.5 lakh new soldiers will be recruited

Russo-Ukraine war: 1.5 lakh new soldiers will be recruited


Putin has ordered the recruitment of 1.5 million new soldiers in the Russian army
An estimated 15,000 Russian soldiers are feared dead in Ukraine
According to Western intelligence agencies, about 45,000 Russian soldiers are suspected to have been wounded.

Moscow. There have been reports that a large number of Russian soldiers have lost their lives in the attack on Ukraine. Now it seems that there is a lot of truth in these news. Because Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed an order to recruit about one and a half million new soldiers in the Russian army. Now that Ukraine is entering its seventh month of war, Russia is going to increase its army from 1.9 million to 20.4 million. The war in Ukraine is showing no signs of ending soon.

According to a report in The Guardian, a new decree from Russian President Putin indicates a resurgence in the size of the country’s military. Russia has suffered heavy losses in Ukraine and has also failed to achieve its goal of capturing the capital Kyiv. Russia has not publicly said how many people it has killed in Ukraine. But in May, Britain’s defense ministry said Moscow had lost a third of its ground forces since the war began. While CIA Director William Burns said last month that an estimated 15,000 Russian soldiers were killed in Ukraine and perhaps three times more wounded.

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Russia has yet to announce a general mobilization, but has recently stepped up its efforts to recruit new troops. What some experts have called ‘secret mobilization’. Battalions of volunteers began to form throughout Russia. It is offering lucrative short term contracts to men in the age group of 18 to 60 years. Western intelligence agencies have also said that soldiers or private forces, including Kim Wagner, are being used to strengthen Russia’s military.

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