Russia really lost the war! Why this situation, why did Putin’s claim backfire?

ukraine russia war


The war in Ukraine seems to have turned.
Russia is now concerned about the attack, as Ukrainian troops begin to move rapidly east.
It could be humiliating for Putin if the Ukrainian army captures all the territory occupied by Russia.

Kyiv The war in Ukraine seems to have turned. The Russian forces that were under attack are clearly in panic, as Ukrainian troops have now begun to move rapidly east. As a result, Russia was forced to retreat. Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky also made it clear that the liberation of the Russian-occupied territories would be accelerated. Zelensky is receiving weapons and other necessary aid from the United States and its allies.

The US is doing everything it can to ensure that all of Ukraine’s needs are met at all levels: defence, financial, economic, diplomatic. The Ukrainian army is preparing to retake the Russian-occupied Luhansk province and has captured the village of Bilohorivka. The village of Lysychansk is just six miles west of the city, which fell to the Russians in July after weeks of fighting. Ukraine is now deploying Russian T-72 tanks, which it has captured, to counter retaliation in the northeast. This has created fear in the Kremlin.

Disgraceful status for Putin
If the Ukrainian army captures all of the territory occupied by Russia, it would put Russian President Vladimir Putin in an awkward position. This can be a humiliating situation for them. Vladimir Putin has long been portrayed as a champion of all forms of warfare, including the war of information. Russian social media has been praising him for the past decade. The annexation of Crimea in 2014 and the election rigging of Donald Trump in 2016 are being presented as his historic achievements. But this time it seems that their bet has backfired. Since the start of Putin’s invasion on 24 February, the world has strongly supported Ukraine.

ukraine russia war

In the war in Ukraine, the Russian army is now under attack,

The Invincible Russian War Machine Is Low on Ammunition
Putin’s attack has made it clear that the Russian military’s supposedly invincible war machine has been incapable of countering Ukraine. Now even partners such as China appear reluctant to openly side with the Kremlin. The Russian army has such a shortage of ammunition that it has to ask for other weapons, including drones, from Iran and North Korea.

‘Severely kill small crocodiles’, Ukraine has pushed back the superpower Russia on the strength of these weapons

Putin will be the reason for his downfall!
Speculation has also increased that this lapse of President Vladimir Putin could prove to be the reason for his downfall. Many experts predicted that the heavy cost of the war, the despair of defeat, and financial sanctions could bring an end to his rule. However, Putin has prepared well to deal with his opponents in the country. Over the past two decades, Putin and his allies have transformed nearly every infrastructure of the Russian government to eliminate threats to his regime. Putin has arrested or killed prominent dissident leaders. This has created fear among the general public and made the ruling class of the country dependent on its whims to retain its wealth forever.

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