Renewal of travel ban on 13 Taliban officials, US puts condition in favor of China-Russia exemption

Pakistan-Afghanistan relations are in the worst phase so far, why is the Taliban angry with their city country!


Travel ban on Taliban officials again
135 Taliban officials subject to sanctions under 2011 resolution
Earlier, only 13 officers were exempted from the travel ban.

United Nations. The UN Security Council has not reached an agreement to extend the period of exemption granted to 13 officials of the ruling Taliban in Afghanistan. That period ended on Friday night. UN diplomats said Russia and China were in favor of continuing the travel permits granted to all 13 officials, while the US and Western countries have failed to form an inclusive government as promised by the ban on women and the Taliban. Officials want to reduce

Russia and China sought more time on Friday evening to consider the latest US proposal, diplomats said on condition of anonymity. That is, till Monday afternoon, all 13 Taliban officials have been again banned from travel. Russia and China have sought time till Monday afternoon to respond to the US proposal.

The United Nations has imposed a number of sanctions on several members of the Taliban, including travel, but some Taliban officials were exempted from traveling to take part in talks aimed at restoring peace and stability in Afghanistan. The US on Thursday proposed to reimpose travel restrictions on seven of the 13 Taliban officials. He proposed allowing six others to travel only to Qatar, where talks between the US and the Taliban have taken place.

Diplomats said Russia and China have proposed that all 13 officials be exempted from travel for 90 days, but only allow them to travel to Russia, China, Qatar and ‘regional countries’. He said that Russia and China objected to the US proposal and Britain, France and Ireland opposed the Russia-China proposal.

Analysts said the US revised its proposal on Friday afternoon, saying the travel ban on seven Taliban officials would continue, while six others would be granted 90 days without any geographic restrictions. Russia and China are now considering the proposal.

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