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The second season of Jamtara, which premieres on Netflix this Friday, begins with a significant phishing attack as our three protagonists enter a political standoff. Returning director Soumendra Padhi does many hours of research to provide a comprehensive analysis of the cyber crime operations in Jharkhand as the local elections get near. The new season will likely take a character-driven tack, putting our characters’ ethics and motivations to the test. Gudiya (Monica Panwar) is one such candidate who chooses to compete against dishonest politician Brajesh Bhan (Amit Syal) for ultimate control of the area.

In one of the interviews, Padhi discussed the psychology of these con artists and the cause of their unending fascination. In the world of scammers, he claims, “our research indicates that after making so much money, they want want more authority.” And the democratic process is the only way to guarantee that money doesn’t immediately convert into rights – for the oppressed. The concept is addressed in Jamtara: Sabka No. Ayeaga’s sophomore run, albeit Gudiya and her friends have a bad past with Bhan, suggesting a broader, ulterior reason. With each successful action, the trio in Jamtara Season 2 puts their lives in danger and gets that much nearer to being killed by rival goons.

nonetheless, the Jamtara Season 1 served as an introduction to the world of scams, but this new chapter goes into more detail about how it’s done. Due to the impending elections, cousins Sunny (Sparsh Srivastava) and Rocky (Ansuman Pushkar) are unable to gather enough OTPs through phishing and, unbeknownst to the police and Bhan, develop a new series of schemes. “You will notice a lot of new frauds that have been carefully examined – lots of SIM cards, different transaction sources, etc. the conversation,

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Rocky, Sunny, and Gudiya are back with a fresh con.
Image courtesy of Netflix

With that, here’s everything you need to know about Jamtara: Sabka No. Ayeaga Season 2:

Time and Date for the Second Season of Jamtara

Jamtara Season 2 releases this Friday, September 23 at 12:30 PM IST, exclusively on Netflix worldwide.

How to see Jamtara Season 2 online?

You’ll need a Netflix subscription plan to watch Jamtara For Season 2 Online; these plans start at Rs. 149 for mobile and Rs. 199 for the most basic one, which allows you to stream to a TV or laptop but only in SD quality. Like with every Netflix release, the entire season will be available for streaming on the same day.

Can I Download Season 2 of Jamtara?

On iOS, iPadOS, Android, Fire OS, Windows 10/11, and all of the Netflix apps, you may download every episode of Jamtara Season 2.

Jamtara Season 2 cast

Jamtara was shot from behind in the meantime. Sunny is now confined to a hospital bed in the season 1 finale. The ambitious teenager, played by Srivastava (Caller Bomb), continues to fail in his attempts to con school-age students into joining his next scheme. He is constantly attentive and keeps a gun under his pillow in case the vigilantes decide to assault him since he dread getting into a battle. He ironically views himself as the ideal Bollywood hero, which is something that should never be underestimated.

In a reprisal of her role as Gudiya, Panwar (Super 30) leads the opposition to Bhan’s electoral campaign. She wants to exact personal retribution for having her ambitions crushed and for being the victim of a corrupt politician’s attempted rape. The doll was in a pickle last time, toting a bag of cash, and lamenting the loss of a crippled Sunny. With Jamtara Season 2’s apparent time jump, she is compelled to regain control of the little village and her reputation.

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jamtara season 2 sunny jamtara season 2 sunny

Sunny, played by Sparsh Srivastava, survives a gunshot wound from the season 1 finale
Photo credit: Netflix

Politician Bhan — Sialne (Mirzapur) — has managed to break free from the control of the local government for an unknown reason, and is now running as an independent candidate in the elections. His campaign now includes defaming Gudiya, who previously refused to sleep with him, in addition to making false promises and paying citizens. He continues to harbour resentment toward the young con artists and keeps a close eye on Sunny’s whereabouts because he knows the child is never without a plan. The interview, “He has a lot of spare time on his hands,” Sial observed in an article, “The man’s self-absorption and sociopathic attitude indicate what a boring guy he is. He chooses to start a fraud business because he has nothing else to do.

Ramprasad Ki Teharvi’s Seema Pahwa is the newest cast member to join Jamtara Season 2. She plays the unmarried, 50-year-old politician Ganga Devi from Deoghar, who was recently let out of prison after being implicated in a coal mining fraud. She resolves to join with Gudiya to remove Bhan from his position after realising the poor condition of her beloved city and the extent of his newfound power. Both Ganga and Brajesh had unrestrained ambitions, making it hard for them to coexist in the same village. She examines Bhan’s ego, in short.

Rocky, played by Pushkar (Grahan), maintains his impartiality in the midst of the electoral drama, serving as a mediator and/or messenger for all parties. Together with his cousin Sunny, someone who started a fishing operation in Jamtara reunites, orders hundreds of fresh SIM cards, and then disperses them throughout his network of con artists. On and off the screen, Sparsh and I resemble brothers. Off-screen, there is also respect and adoration for one another. Onscreen, the situation is entirely different. Yes, we are brothers, but the chemistry between our mutual respect and adoration can go to hell, Pushkar remarked in the interview.

Jamtara Season 2 Ganga Devi Jamtara Season 2 Ganga Devi

Seema Pahwa’s portrayal of politician Ganga Devi is the newest addition to the roster.
Image courtesy of Netflix

Then there is Rinku Mondal, a dreamy young guy of 23 who once left the Jamtara region. A Noida paan shop owner, played by Ravi Chahar, returns to his birthplace after learning that, in contrast to the metropolis, it is the ideal location for him to operate a fraud. A large fish in a tiny pond is preferable than a small fish in the ocean, after all. A skilled impersonator of women, right down to the voice, runs upon the cunning con artist Bhan, who gives him the task of killing him. His morality is somewhat religious, but it entirely hinges on whether doing evil is required for survival.

Cops Aksha Pardasani (Kathmandu Connection) and Dibyendu Bhattacharya (Rocket Boys) play SP Dolly Sahu and Inspector Biswa Pathak, respectively. Due to their earlier rogue mission to identify Bhan and topple his kingdom, the officers now find themselves in a desperate situation. Sahu was obviously sent to a separate jurisdiction.

Jamtara Season 2 Summary

Here is the official synopsis for this Jamtara Season 2 from Netflix:

The largest swindle in India is back with Rocky, Sunny, and Gudiya. Larger players and more elaborate frauds join Jamtara as phishing grows. The stakes are higher with the forthcoming elections, and chaos ensues as politics seeks to control phishing but phishing controls the local elections. In an altercation akin to David vs. Goliath, Gudiya assaults Brajesh out of retaliation. Who wins the contest?

Trailer of Jamtara Season 2

In order to reveal the release date for Jamtara Season 2, Netflix posted a teaser on August 24. The brief, 30-second tape had Sunny from Srivastava impersonating a phoney voice while attempting to scam a wide range of people, including lawmakers, teachers, and students. The banyan tree, from whose branches multiple telephones hung, received some attention. Director Padhi disclosed that these trees are in Jamtara in an interview with Moneycontrol. People lock their phones after receiving a specific amount of calls to make the number untraceable because the IMEI number on your phone may also be used to trace the number, according to him.

Then the studio unveiled the Jamtara trailer. On September 1, specifics on the electoral process, holidays, and the dangers of our con artists’ trio will be provided. Gunfire breaks out during Dolly’s speech as Bhan’s thugs go a little too far, resulting in a brawl between the parties. Devi’s support for Gudiya’s campaign is also highlighted in the Jamtara The Season 2 trailer, which also offers Devi some wise life counsel: “To rise in politics, you have to leave your loved ones behind.”

Review of Jamtara Season 2

This Friday, September 23, the first reviews for Jamtara Season 2 will be made available worldwide on Netflix. The series will also be the subject of a Gadgets 360 review that day.

Poster for Season 2 of Jamtara

Here is the official Jamtara Season 2 Netflix poster:

The official Jamtara Season 2 poster, which features Monica Panwar
Image courtesy of Netflix


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