Python wreaks havoc in Florida, 800 hunters to catch python, reward of $ 2500

Python wreaks havoc in Florida, 800 hunters to catch python, reward of $ 2500


Over 800 contestants will discover dragons
Prize money $2,500. was announced on
It costs $25 to register

Washington. Officials have organized a competition in Miami, Florida, in which more than 800 contestants will hunt pythons. Officials said that this competition is going to be held for the next eight days. Any participant who does so will be awarded a prize of thousands of dollars. According to the officials, the competition officially started from Friday and will now end on August 15. In this competition, Florida’s First Lady Casey DeSantis said that the python is an invasive animal that is killing our native birds, mammals and reptiles. Therefore it is necessary to eliminate these pythons.

According to statistics, more than 17,000 pythons have been removed from the ecosystem since 2000. Among the python species was the Burmese python, which is not native to Florida. They hunt mammals and other reptiles. The female python of this species can lay up to 100 eggs in a year. Due to which Florida officials organized a competition to remove it.

How much amount will be given in the prize?
Officials said that both professional and novice dragon puller can participate in this competition. Prize money has been announced at $2,500, but the hunter who catches the most pythons will receive an additional reward.

What are the things that the contestants have to keep in mind
The hunters have to kill the python after catching it. If the dragon is killed in an inhumane way it may face disqualification i.e. it will be thrown out of the competition.

Online training course will also be completed
So far, hunters from 32 states and Canada have participated in this competition. Registration is also being accepted during the contest. It costs $25 to register and participants must also complete an online training course to prove their eligibility.

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