Protest against Hijab, VIDEO: Action being taken on hair dyed by wearing tight jeans; Hundreds of women arrested daily in Iran

 Protest against Hijab, VIDEO: Action being taken on hair dyed by wearing tight jeans;  Hundreds of women arrested daily in Iran

New Delhi: The anger of women in Iran has reached its peak. While women are creating new history in the 21st century, the government is also deciding what to wear in Iran. Due to this 22-year-old Mahsa Amini lost her life. Her only fault was that she did not dress according to the fanatics. Mehsa was arrested for not wearing the hijab properly. He was tortured and lost his life. Mehsa is neither the first nor the last to suffer this abuse. Hundreds of women are facing this dictatorship every day on the streets of Iran.

The Gast-e-Irshad (moral police) takes the women to the police station in a van. They are insulted. They are also being harassed. According to sources, between March 2013 and March 2014, 2,07,00 women were arrested for violating the dress code. Not only this, in this one year more than 20 lakh women were accused of not wearing hijab properly.

In this, the police did not like someone’s hair color, then someone’s makeup was more. If someone’s jeans were looking very tight, then the buttons of someone’s burqa were seen open. Now women have raised their voice against this oppression. Smartphones are becoming their weapon in this war. Videos are being shared on the My Stealth Freedom Facebook page, recording the torture of Gast-e-Irshad.

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Hundreds of women are arrested every day

Every day hundreds of women are being arrested in Iran for not wearing clothes according to Sharia law.

The button of the coat was opened due to excessive boiling

A woman in the subway had unbuttoned a button on her coat because it was boiling hard. For this the police arrested him. The woman kept pleading that she was late for office, but the police did not listen to her.

Arrested for not wearing hijab properly

A student was thrown into a police van for not wearing the hijab properly. She kept saying that there is an exam, but the police did not listen.

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19 year old girl wearing tight jeans

A 19-year-old girl was walking with her friend in eastern Tehran. Suddenly a van of Gast-e-Irshad came and arrested him. ‘I was going with my friend. Then the van came and stopped. 3 armed male officers, 3 female officers and a jawan descended from it. He didn’t like what I was wearing. He lied and took me to the police station. Later he said that you are wearing tight jeans’, said the girl. He was tortured by keeping him in the police station for three hours.

mother kept begging

A mother stood in front of the van to save her ailing daughter from the police, but the ruthless police did not stop the vehicle. The mother kept saying, ‘My daughter is sick, leave her alone.’

Policemen clashed with women employees in the police station itself


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