Pressure on China! US military studies with Nancy Pelosi in Taiwan, Indonesia here

 Who is Nancy Pelosi?  After all, why is China concerned with the name Aana, know why


Military training aims to strengthen mutual cooperation, capability and confidence during any operation
Commanding General Flynn and Indonesian Army Chief General Andika Perkasa begin joint exercise
Military exercise in Baturaja in South Sumatra province will continue till August 14

Jakarta. The United States and Indonesia on Wednesday began annual joint military exercises on the island of Sumatra, in which other countries also participated for the first time, indicating further strengthening of ties amid China’s growing military activities in the Indo-Pacific region. . The US embassy in Jakarta said in a statement that more than 5,000 troops from the US, Indonesia, Australia, Japan and Singapore are participating in the military exercise this year. This military exercise started in 2009. After this, so far this year the maximum number of jawans are participating in it.

The purpose of this military exercise is to strengthen mutual cooperation, capability and trust during any operation and in support of a free and independent Indo-Pacific, the statement said. US Army Pacific Commanding General Charles Flynn said, “This is a symbol of US-Indonesian engagement and the growing relationship between the forces of this important region.” Flynn and Indonesia’s army chief, General Andika Perkasa, launched a joint exercise in Baturaja in South Sumatra province, which will last until August 14 and will involve the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines.

The study comes as China’s Defense Ministry warned on Tuesday night that US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan would have a “serious impact” on bilateral ties as it would “severely affect” peace and stability in the region. Will do ‘Karate’ is weak in form. Media in his state said the army would launch a “targeted” operation in response to his visit.

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