Police now on target in America! 3 arrested for shooting officer

 Police now on target in America!  3 arrested for shooting officer


3 arrested for shooting police officer
US Memphis incident, fourth suspect still absconding
It will soon be illegal to carry guns in Times Square

Washington. The growing gun culture in America has now targeted the police as well. A police officer has been shot in Memphis. Police Chief CJ Davis said three people have been arrested in connection with the shooting and killing of a police officer in southwest Memphis on Wednesday afternoon. According to a report in ABC News, the police officer said that we also know that the fourth suspect is still absconding and the police is pursuing him. Officials said the Memphis Police Department was alerted at 12:30 p.m. (local time) about an officer who was shot in the area of ​​Horn Lake and Horn Lake Cove.

According to the police, another police officer admitted the injured officer to a regional hospital, where the officer’s condition is critical. On the same day, a 15-year-old boy was arrested in Washington DC for allegedly shooting and injuring two classmates, according to police. In another incident, another teenager was also shot inside a building in southeast Washington on Wednesday.

Incidents of shootings are becoming more common in America these days. The DC Metropolitan Police chief told the media that officers have seized more than 2,000 illegal revolvers this year, about 800 more than last year. Meanwhile, officials on Wednesday announced that carrying firearms, even concealed carry, would soon be banned in New York City and the state’s famous Times Square and other public places, according to an ANI report. .

The Washington Times reported that Mayor Eric Adams said a ‘Sensitive Location’ sign would be put up in New York City’s Times Square that read ‘Guns are not allowed here.’ Adams said the sign would tell people that licensed gun owners and others cannot enter with guns unless they are specifically authorized by law.

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