OPPO’s ColorOS 13 brings improved productivity and more smart features

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OPPO has outfitted ColorOS 13 with new smart and innovative features to deliver a seamless Android experience, seamless interconnectivity between multiple devices, and increased productivity and efficiency.

The new ColorOS 13 will impress you. Impresses you with its comfortable design and user-friendly features. This latest version of ColorOS brings several key Android 13 features to give you a more seamless conversational experience to make you fall in love with ColorOS 13.

Let us tell you what we know so far about this latest OS from Oppo:

Improve productivity and smart features

Oppo’s ColorOS 13 is packed with performance-oriented and productivity-oriented features that will take the device experience to a whole new level. Starting with Multi-Screen Connect, which now includes tablets and PCs. You will be able to transfer files of different sizes and formats seamlessly without spending any data. This feature is a boon for those who like to use multiple devices and like to be productive, as it reduces the need for apps to switch between devices. You also get an app streaming feature which is a native stock Android T feature. This feature supports connection with ChromeOS including screen mirroring, reverse control with mouse and keyboard, and video calls across devices. ColorOS 13 supports Nearby Share to support seamless file transfer and clipboard sharing.

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The new version of ColorOS also brings OPPO’s self-developed meeting assistant that will give you a better meeting experience whenever you are on Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Therefore, if you are in a meeting, the meeting assistant will automatically know, and it will optimize the network for a smooth meeting environment. It will also control notifications from other apps to help the user stay focused. Plus, when attending an online meeting, you can take notes on your phone or tablet, as well as scribble and highlight, just as with a physical notebook using the built-in Doodle Notes.

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To further enhance smart productivity, ColorOS 13 features the Smart Always-On Display, the industry’s first Android AOD. There’s no need to unlock the screen to access the app for music controls and takeaway ordering information with Smart AOD. You get easy access to music apps like Spotify and food delivery apps like Zomato and Swiggy. The AOD feature in ColorOS 13 is a major upgrade, allowing users to easily access the information they need. Leveraging the power of third-party collaboration, Oppo continues its partnership with Snapchat to bring Bitmoji to ColorOS 13’s always-on display. As you spend more time on your device, you also get information about your daily activity. ColorOS 13 features a series of always-on display animations called “Homeland” featuring animals and nature. These animations change daily with changes in temperature, making users more aware of the impact of climate change on our environment.

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Elegant, innovative and user friendly design

ColorOS 13 promises to provide users with a concise and comfortable design and an intelligent, user-friendly experience. Oppo designed ColorOS 13 in a new aquamorphic design featuring water-inspired elements that add more fluidity to the OS. Oppo has integrated a blue theme for ColorOS 13, and users can easily experience the beautiful feature by switching their devices to the new global theme palette.

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Oppo has added new system fonts to improve the readability of text that are slightly wider, and new widgets that can help users quickly grasp important information without needing to open the app. Widgets are designed to simplify operations and help users organize the home screen.

Not only the fonts, but the app icons have also been revamped, so they are more recognizable and easier to read. As you swipe down to see the new Control Center, you’ll get convenient access to toggles and notifications, and thus a more interactive experience than before. Control Center also shows large folders that allow users to quickly open apps. Users can also swipe up on other pages to open apps on the Home screen in a larger folder, making accessing apps simple and efficient. You can also personalize the home screen using widgets that support a variety of apps like weather clock, etc.

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ColorOS 13’s next generation Quantum Animation Engine makes the UI of the devices more interactive and realistic. It does this by mimicking the motion of objects in real life. It helps you discover the physical sense of the world through your fingertips. Using the Quantum Animation Engine, the system self-adapts and adjusts the interface according to the user’s interaction behavior to optimize the tactile experience and make the hand feel more realistic.

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Another important feature that makes ColorOS 13 more attractive than its previous iterations is OPPO’s in-house developed dynamic computing engine. It’s a system-level technical solution designed for a more smooth and stable system that offers two big benefits, one is increased battery life and the other is the ability to keep more apps open in the background. The computing model allows for precise hardware scheduling to strike the right balance between high performance and low power consumption, keeps up to 18 apps alive in the background, and provides long-lasting smoothness.

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ColorOS 13 also comes with the advanced privacy capabilities of Android 13 and has also integrated a range of other features based on OPPO’s self-developed technology, so you don’t have to worry about anything related to privacy and security. is not needed.

Auto pixelate feature blurs out avatars and nicknames in chat screenshots with just one tap. This feature will help you keep things private, no matter who you share your screenshots with. Plus, after pixelating a chat screenshot, you can undo or redo it at any time.

Next comes the innovative feature called Private Safe which is encrypted with the widely used AES algorithm and stores your encrypted files in a private directory, so you can feel more comfortable and secure. This newly added feature ensures an extremely high level of security, no matter what.

You also get Kids Space which is focused on protecting children’s digital health. With ColorOS 13, the system fully leverages hardware sensors to provide comprehensive protection for children. When parents give their child a mobile phone, Kid Space is able to secure healthy use of the phone. From “content management” to “health care”, Kid Space uses a scenario-based approach to deal with the real needs of users.

One of the features introduced in ColorOS 13, it also helps protect privacy. Clipboard Eraser that automatically deletes your clipboard history after about 60 minutes protects sensitive information from malware.

Our Take on ColorOS 13

With a seamless aquamorphic design, productivity-enhancing smart features and overall performance improvements, OPPO’s ColorOS 13 is all set to impress you. The features are user-friendly and designed keeping some minor user requirements in mind. Offering ultimate smoothness and stability of the overall user interface, ColorOS 13 will surely make OPPO smartphones more appealing to the audience. ColorOS 13 will be available on Reno8 Pro 5G from September 2022 and Reno8 5G from October 2022.

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