Now once every month you will have corona! The new variant has been claimed

 Now once every month you will have corona!  The new variant has been claimed

Corona (Covid 19) has created panic in this world since 2019. Many countries have been locked down due to this virus. People have probably lost a few years in their life. During this many people lost their lives. Corona vaccine was made in a hurry. But questions are still being raised on the success of this vaccine. Actually, with the passage of time the corona virus is changing its form. When it seems that Arizona has prevailed, it once again comes back and attacks.

Recently, a new form of corona has appeared in front of the people. The name of this variant is Omicron BA.5. Specialists from America are studying ESP. Based on his most recent study, he said the variant would catch on to humans every month. That is, no matter how hard you try, you will definitely get a positive report of corona once a month. Apart from the American people, this warning has also been given to other citizens of the world. There is a lot of panic among people about this new warning.

strikes again in a few weeks

Regarding Omicron BA.5, health experts say that this new variant catches one very quickly compared to the rest. Whereas earlier people were getting immunity from this virus after being corona positive, now this is not happening. Now this virus is again attacking its victim in a few weeks. That is, if your result comes negative, then after a few weeks you can catch it again. Omicron BA.5 has shown signs of spreading faster than any mutant so far.

omicron new version

not lethal

Talking about this new variant, Australia’s Chief Health Officer Andrew Robertson said that earlier it was being said that people who have been vaccinated will not be infected with corona. But this is not the case. Even though they are in the grip of this virus, but it is also taking them in its grip. The test reports of people are coming positive, as it is not public, the only difference is that. You are also getting relief from flu-like symptoms. At the same time, experts say about this new variant that since its arrival, the cases of corona have increased rapidly. This is because this person can become infected again in four weeks. In this way a person can become corona positive again after a month.

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