North Korea, South Korea helping America in preparation for nuclear test

North Korea, South Korea helping America in preparation for nuclear test


South Korea and America will start military exercises from today
North Korea will be restrained arbitrarily
North Korea fires two cruise missiles before starting exercises

Seoul. South Korea and the United States said on 16 August that they would begin joint military exercises on Monday 22 August, which will end on 1 September.

This military exercise named Ulchi Freedom Shield will be started from 22 August to 1 September. South Korean President Yoon Suk-yol, who took office in May, vowed to normalize joint exercises and let North Korea respond in its own way. Studies were halted in recent years due to COVID-19 and Yoon again resorted to talks to repair the relationship, but they were unsuccessful.

North Korea fired two cruise missiles last week off the west coast city of Oncheon, before South Korea and the United States began exercises. Officials in Seoul said North Korea has conducted rapid missile tests this year and is ready to conduct its seventh nuclear test any time.

Yoon has said that his government is ready to provide financial aid if Pyongyang moves towards nuclear tests, but North Korea has openly criticized it and rejected his offer.

Seoul’s Defense Ministry has said it will organize a training program in the South Korean capital, in which thousands of soldiers will participate, given North Korea’s growing missile threats. It will be able to detect incoming missiles.

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North Korea continues to test weapons and threaten South Korea and the United States, while the US Defense Department said the navies of the US, South Korea and Japan conducted exercises off the coast of Hawaii from August 8 to 14 . The ministry said it aims to enhance trilateral cooperation in view of the growing challenges from North Korea.

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