Nita Ambani, India’s dream of hosting Olympics in India will come true, Nita Ambani takes initiative

Nita Ambani, India's dream of hosting Olympics in India will come true, Nita Ambani takes initiative

Mumbai: India has performed brilliantly in the Olympics so far. But the real idea of ​​hosting the Olympics in India was yet to be considered. But Nita Ambani, a member of the International Olympic Committee and president of the Reliance Foundation, has started vigorous efforts for this. So now the dream of playing Olympics in India can come true.

Nita Ambani is working in the International Olympic Committee. At the same time, no Olympic Games have been held in India so far. But due to the initiative of Nita Ambani, next year the Olympics will be held in India itself. A vote was taken on where to hold the Olympic meeting. India got 75 votes out of 76 in this poll. Nita Ambani has now emerged as a good face of India. He said that from now on he will fulfill the dream of organizing Olympics in India.

Niti Ambani said, “It is our dream to organize the Youth Olympics and the main Olympic Games in India. India is the youngest country in the world, so the youth of India should see the grandeur and grandeur of the Olympics. That’s why we did a few things to do.” The annual meeting of the Olympics is now going to be held in India and this is the most joyous news. It is a great honor for India. After almost 40 years, big talk is happening about Olympics in India. A new era has begun for us. I thank the International Olympic Committee for this.”

India performed brilliantly in the Olympics held in Tokyo. When there is a competition in your country, the confidence of the athletes falters and this affects the chances of winning a medal. Till now no Olympic competition has been held in India. But if the Olympics are held in India, it can certainly benefit the athletes and increase the number of medals.


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